An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute
Recognized by Nepal Engineering Council

Message From the Director

EASTERN COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING seeks to be exceptional in what it does and is now in a position to develop new initiatives ,to face the immediate and the challenging future with a focused sense of commitment to its mission, and to consolidate its international reputation creating centers of excellence in all disciplines and providing the most effective and academic structures.

Eastern College of engineering aims to maintain existing areas of excellence and to generate new and exciting intellectual themes. Eastern College of engineering continuously assesses its effectiveness and will periodically review its academic structures and related support system and arrangements. The major objective is to provide a diverse population with a valuable, enriching, and comprehensive educational opportunity rooted in a learner-centered environment.

Eastern College of Engineering provides a comprehensive curriculum that fosters effective communication, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving in its academic and professional programs that ensure a commitment to and a mastery of life-long learning skills as well as encouraging a spirit of critical enquiry developing a student-centered, intellectually stimulating and technologically advance teaching and learning environment. A dynamic learning experience is one in which the student and the professor are challenged to excel and within which the elements of growth and progress are keys.

Eastern college of Engineering will provide a supportive educational environment that encourage student to develop their skills and enrich their knowledge and the technical abilities that are indispensable to success in a changing global environment. Eastern college of engineering will be known as the advocates and champion of a campus climate that forests performance excellence, full participation and personal and organizational growth.

Eastern College of Engineering has been producing and will produce graduates who are independent, confident, self-directed, critical thinkers, professional, competent, reflective practitioners, innovative, society responsible and thereby marketable and competitive nationally and internationally.